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I Love Your Big Bassoon

I keep a variety of online feelers out for bassoon-related things. Much of what comes back to me is spam or otherwise uninteresting. But, I do find out about articles and concerts that I might not otherwise. My favorite sort of discoveries, though, are of obscure and often long-forgotten bits of bassoon miscellany.

That's exactly what I came across a couple of weeks ago in the record whose cover you see at right. It's a 7-inch 45 rpm single by the Novelty Disco Band, recorded and pressed in France in 1977. After finding mention of it online, I bought a copy from someone in Spain. It showed up on my doorstep late last week. Although the A-side tune "I Love Your Big Bassoon" is, perhaps predictably, mainly a vehicle for double entendres, it does in fact feature a bassoon playing short riffs and disco basslines. Actually, it sounds to me like a French basson, which would make sense given the place and time. Edit: Marc Vallon has pointed out that's it's not a basson, just a poorly mic-ed German bassoon.

I've been unable to find out anything about the Novelty Disco Band - this appears to be the only record released under that name. The label and sleeve provide very little in the way of real information. The only personnel listed are the songwriters: D. Chase and J.P. Sabard. A little 'net research leads me to think that their full (and real) names are Dina (or Diana) Chase and Jean-Pierre Guigon. But there the trail ends. Sadly, there is no indication of who the bassoonist is.

Have a listen:

Listen to Novelty Disco Band - I Love Your Big Bassoon

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