Community Chest

Community Chest Card - Assigned Contrabassoon In Orchestra; Lose 3 Turns to Count Rests

I created this faux Monopoly card when I was in grad school at Florida State. I actually printed a few of them and handed them to friends who got stuck with contrabassoon duty in orchestra. I posted it on an old blog a few years ago, and it seems to have spread quite a bit since then! I see it popping up on Facebook every once in a while, posted by a different bassoonist each time. Seeing it get passed around the ‘net is great, but it would be even more fun if other people were handing them out in the real world.

In the interest of making it easy for people to turn this digital image into real-life cards, I’ve made up a printable PDF. There are 8 cards per page, complete with handy crop marks to aid in cutting them to size. I’ve actually made two PDFs: one with a yellow background for the cards, for printing on white paper, and one with no background, in case you’d like to actually print on yellow paper. For best results, I’d recommend finding some yellow card stock at your local office supply store and using the uncolored PDF. However you decide to print it, be sure to tell your PDF reader to print at full size, rather than shrinking to fit. The margins are generous, and printing full size will ensure that your cards are the proper dimensions.

Creative Commons License I want to make it clear that this is a parody and that I’m not interested in making any money from it. (Hi Hasbro!) So, I’m releasing this under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (just like my fingering charts). Basically, it means that you’re free to use, distribute, or remix this however you’d like, as long as you credit me, don’t use it to make money, and use the same license for any derivative works.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Obtain some card stock, either in white or yellow – the thicker, the better.
  2. Download whichever PDF matches your paper – colored for plain paper or plain for colored paper.
  3. Open in your favorite PDF reader and print – be sure that you print at full size.
  4. Use an X-Acto knife, a sturdy ruler, and a suitable cutting surface to trim the cards (using the provided crop marks). A dedicated paper cutter will work, too.
  5. Distribute to your friends (or enemies).
Community Contra Card Sheet (yellow)

Printable Sheet with Yellow Background

Community Contra Card Sheet

Plain Printable Sheet (for Yellow Paper)

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