Fingering Chart v.2 Fingering Charts - Fingering charts for the beginning bassoonist through professionals. These charts show my own standard fingering(s) for each note and are available in four versions.
Blank Fingering Chart Paper Blank Fingering Chart Paper - Printable blank fingering chart paper that makes it easy to jot down alternate fingerings, trill fingerings, multiphonics, and the like.
Wells-Blank-Baroque-Chart-Four-Key-v1.0 Blank Baroque Fingering Chart Paper - Printable blank fingering chart paper for four-keyed and two styles of five-keyed Baroque bassoons.
Table of Paris Conservatoire Contest Pieces Paris Conservatoire Contest Pieces - A sortable table of the bassoon concours pieces from the Paris Conservatoire for the years 1824-1984, with links to IMSLP where available.

Two examples of Vivaldi's articulation marks The Numbering of Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concerti - An explanation of the five separate numbering systems used for the works of Antonio Vivaldi, including a table to help you convert between the systems for Vivaldi's 39 bassoon concerti.