Fingering Chart v.2 Fin­ger­ing Charts - Fin­ger­ing charts for the begin­ning bas­soon­ist through pro­fes­sion­als. The­se charts show my own stan­dard fingering(s) for each note and are avail­able in four ver­sions.
Blank Fingering Chart Paper Blank Fin­ger­ing Chart Paper - Print­able blank fin­ger­ing chart paper that makes it easy to jot down alter­nate fin­ger­ings, trill fin­ger­ings, mul­ti­phon­ics, and the like.
Wells-Blank-Baroque-Chart-Four-Key-v1.0 Blank Baro­que Fin­ger­ing Chart Paper - I’ve cre­at­ed three ver­sions of my blank fin­ger­ing chart paper, using key work dia­grams for var­i­ous types of Baro­que bas­soons. The first is for a basic four-keyed Baro­que instru­ment (low B-flat, low D, F, A-flat). The oth­er two are for instru­ments that include an E-flat key: for the left lit­tle fin­ger (Ger­man style) or for […]