Fingering Chart v.2 Fin­ger­ing Charts - Fin­ger­ing charts for the begin­ning bas­soon­ist through pro­fes­sion­als. These charts show my own stan­dard fingering(s) for each note and are avail­able in four versions.
Blank Fingering Chart Paper Blank Fin­ger­ing Chart Paper - Print­able blank fin­ger­ing chart paper that makes it easy to jot down alter­nate fin­ger­ings, trill fin­ger­ings, mul­ti­phon­ics, and the like.
Wells-Blank-Baroque-Chart-Four-Key-v1.0 Blank Baroque Fin­ger­ing Chart Paper - Print­able blank fin­ger­ing chart paper for four-keyed and two styles of five-keyed Baroque bassoons.
Table of Paris Conservatoire Contest Pieces Paris Con­ser­va­toire Con­test Pieces - A sortable table of the bas­soon con­cours pieces from the Paris Con­ser­va­toire for the years 1824–2018, with links to IMSLP where available.

Two examples of Vivaldi's articulation marks The Num­ber­ing of Vivaldi’s Bas­soon Con­cer­ti - An expla­na­tion of the five sep­a­rate num­ber­ing sys­tems used for the works of Anto­nio Vival­di, includ­ing a table to help you con­vert between the sys­tems for Vivaldi’s 39 bas­soon concerti.