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Community Chest

Community Chest Card - Assigned Contrabassoon In Orchestra; Lose 3 Turns to Count Rests

I cre­at­ed this faux Monop­oly card when I was in grad school at Flori­da State. I actu­al­ly print­ed a few of them and hand­ed them to friends who got stuck with con­tra­bas­soon duty in orches­tra. I post­ed it on an old blog a few years ago, and it seems to have spread quite a bit since then! I see it pop­ping up on Face­book every once in a while, post­ed by a dif­fer­ent bas­soon­ist each time. See­ing it get passed around the ‘net is great, but it would be even more fun if oth­er peo­ple were hand­ing them out in the real world.

In the inter­est of mak­ing it easy for peo­ple to turn this dig­i­tal image into real-life cards, I’ve made up a print­able PDF. There are 8 cards per page, com­plete with handy crop marks to aid in cut­ting them to size. I’ve actu­al­ly made two PDFs: one with a yel­low back­ground for the cards, for print­ing on white paper, and one with no back­ground, in case you’d like to actu­al­ly print on yel­low paper. For best results, I’d rec­om­mend find­ing some yel­low card stock at your local office sup­ply store and using the uncol­ored PDF. How­ev­er you decide to print it, be sure to tell your PDF read­er to print at full size, rather than shrink­ing to fit. The mar­gins are gen­er­ous, and print­ing full size will ensure that your cards are the prop­er dimensions. 

Creative Commons License I want to make it clear that this is a par­o­dy and that I’m not inter­est­ed in mak­ing any mon­ey from it. (Hi Has­bro!) So, I’m releas­ing this under a Cre­ative Com­mons Attri­bu­tion-Non­Com­mer­cial-Share­Alike 3.0 Unport­ed License (just like my fin­ger­ing charts). Basi­cal­ly, it means that you’re free to use, dis­trib­ute, or remix this how­ev­er you’d like, as long as you cred­it me, don’t use it to make mon­ey, and use the same license for any deriv­a­tive works.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Obtain some card stock, either in white or yel­low — the thick­er, the better.
  2. Down­load whichev­er PDF match­es your paper — col­ored for plain paper or plain for col­ored paper.
  3. Open in your favorite PDF read­er and print — be sure that you print at full size.
  4. Use an X‑Acto knife, a stur­dy ruler, and a suit­able cut­ting sur­face to trim the cards (using the pro­vid­ed crop marks). A ded­i­cat­ed paper cut­ter will work, too.
  5. Dis­trib­ute to your friends (or enemies).
Community Contra Card Sheet (yellow)

Print­able Sheet with Yel­low Background

Community Contra Card Sheet

Plain Print­able Sheet (for Yel­low Paper)